Introduction To Health Insurance

To fully grasp the field of health insurance, it helps to start with the most basic of things.

Health Insurance is a form of insurance where the insurer pays the medical bills of the person who is insured. At least, the insurer pays the medical bills if the medical treatment is covered by the insurance policy. There are other factors that may have an impact on the responsibility of the insurer to pay. These include deductibles, co-payments, and in-network care providers. There are some countries that consider Health Insurance as a basic right of all citizens and the government provides it at no cost to everyone. The United States has a system of private health insurance where the responsibility for procuring it is up to the individual.

It is estimated that 85% of all Americans are covered by health insurance. Around 60% of this total receives their insurance through their employers and another 29% receive it from some government agency. There are an estimated 41.2 million people in the United States that are not covered by any form of health insurance. The cost of health insurance plans is the most often cited reason for lack of coverage, although some people feel that the current structure of the plans makes them unnecessary for healthy people.

Health insurance traces its origins back to 1694 when Hugh the Elder Chamberlen first proposed a type of disability insurance in England. Up until the mid 20th century this was the basis for most health insurance policies. They were actually disability insurance policies as the coverage only applied to injuries and medical treatments that could lead to permanent disability. In recent years, the thrust of the policies has been more toward health than disability. Coverage was extended to routine medical treatments, preventive care, emergency room visits, and even prescription drugs.

The full answer to the question \”what is health insurance?\” is a bit complicated as several different formats have evolved. A policy that pays the entire cost of medical treatments, which is what is offered in other countries that provide universal health insurance, is rare in the United States. Most policies have deductibles, which is the amount the insured must pay up front before the insurance kicks in. There are also co-payments where the cost of routine procedures is split between the insurance company and the insured.

There are several issues that have forced the cost of health insurance up and led to increased deductibles and co-payments. One is the ever rising cost of medical care. Another has to do with the selection process. Health insurance works on the general principle that a large number of healthy people pay insurance premiums and when one of them becomes ill, the collected money pays his expenses. The problem is that many healthy people are opting out on health insurance, which means the dynamic has changed. Now, a large number of not so healthy people are paying premiums and most of them need the money to pay their expenses. This is one of the reasons that insurance companies have become more willing to pay for routine care and especially preventive medicine.

How To Choose The Right Health Insurance For You

Health care expenses are just a few of the things that have to be considered nowadays. With various illnesses that emerged as a result of unhealthy lifestyle and rampant contagious diseases, you really have to prepare for them. Having insurance could be the solution for this future dilemma but the question would always fall on how to buy it?

Developing a monthly financial structure such as premiums will enable you to pay your future medical expenses. Health care benefits are specified in an insurance agreement that is administered by the government agencies or any other private businesses.

To fully consume health care benefits, you have first to provide insurance for yourself. So answering the question on how to buy it can be helpful.

Know your options.

How to buy health insurance? First, you can have your own research over the web concerning health insurance. Through this, you will have broad choices of health care insurance company. You can check their credibility and see to it how much a certain plan will cost you.

Peek on your current situation.

You should reflect on your current and future situation if you will deem the need for a health insurance. If you do, have a self assessment on how much of the premium you can afford to pay.

Familiarize yourself with the insurance agent.

How to know if an insurance agent is licensed? Simply check with your state regulator. Doing some inspection will prevent you from buying fraudulent plans.

You can also ask if he has experiences in this field. He may provide you with a proposal that would fit with your needs and financial capacity. In addition to this, you may also inquire about his commissions for insurance that he had sold which may account from 3% to 20%. There are agents that will make you switch to other policies due to higher commissions and you have to be careful.

Have an in-depth understanding about insurance.

Before you come up with a decision of buying insurance, you have to get yourself acquainted with the terms used such as premiums and lifetime max. For instance, premiums refer to monthly payment you make in exchange for medical coverage. As for lifetime max, it means the maximum amount that a certain insurance company has to pay in his lifetime.

There are other terms that you should know aside from the previous terms mentioned. In addition to this, you can throw questions concerning the plan with your health insurance agent such as medical benefits that you can obtain.

Make a purchase from a licensed company only.

This is one important step on how to buy health insurance. Buy only from licensed insurance company that has a good credibility record.

Copy of policy.

Don’t forget to ask from your insurance agent a copy of the policy. It includes the coverage of the policy.

Having a health insurance is a great relief from medical expenses. There is no need for you to worry if you have one for yourself. When you want to enjoy the medical coverage of a health insurance, you should know how to buy correctly to prevent any fraudulent purchases.

Health Insurance Cost Factors That Affect The Premium Cost

If you are looking to buy health insurance policy, you would be surprised to know that it is one of the most complicated insurance products to purchase in terms the number of factors that affects its cost. Every insurance company have their own policies that determine the premium amount, however, some of the basic factors that affect the insurance cost are discussed below:

The area where you live:

Each state in US has its own insurance rules and regulations and the premium amount of the health insurance policies differ accordingly. Thus, depending on the locality where you live, your premium amount would be more or less.

Pre-existing Health Condition:

Majority of the insurance companies that offer health insurance policies determine the premium amount depending on your existing health condition. Most of the insurance companies require you to declare your health status to the company if you are healthy your premium amount is likely to be low. However, if you are suffering from any chronic diseases such as cancer or if you are prone to constant illness, your premium amount is likely to be high. This is because of you are suffering pre-existing disease you would have to visit doctors frequently for seeking treatment. The insurance company sees this as risky situation since they have to provide coverage for the expenses.


The age of the health insurance applicant is a major factor considered by the insurance company while calculating the monthly premium amount. Typically, most insurance have lower premium amount for youngsters who are likely to suffer only from minor health issues such as cold, flu or infections. However, for old aged people the premium is much higher. This is because old aged people are more vulnerable to suffer from critical medical conditions. Thus, the cost of covering the expenses for the old aged people is risky for the insurance company and to cover the charge they hike the premium amount.


Just like age, gender too is a vital factor that affects the health insurance premium cost. Unlike life insurance policies, where the premium amount is same for both men and women, the health insurance companies charge higher premium for women than for men. This is because of the fact that women visit doctors more often than men for various reasons they have to consult specialist doctors like Gynecologist for maternal treatment and also are prone to take more prescription drugs. Besides, women are subject to chronic diseases during prenatal and postnatal stages. This increase the coverage cost for insurance companies and therefore the premium amount for women is higher.

Lifestyle habits:

The kind of lifestyle you lead also has a significant effect on your health insurance premium amount. If you are one of those people who smoke, drink or use tobacco in any other form you are at a higher risk of falling victim to various health ailments including cancer. Since it is a known fact that tobacco or alcohol consumption reduces the lifespan of the person, it would have its effect on the premium amount, you would have to pay higher premium. In some cases the insurance company would provide an incentive to help the policy holder to quit smoking.

Good Tips When Seeking Private Health Insurance

Your health is your most precious resource. Without having a healthy body, you simply cannot go to the office and do your daily jobs. Getting a private health insurance could possibly be the best way to plan for anything that could take toll on your health. Health issues regularly take place when you least expect them. In these instances, health insurance plan can save you from the financial stress of forking over the medical fees. Australians have various options when it comes to health insurance coverage.

Frequent Concerns

A lot of people feel that health insurance in Australia might be expensive. If you take it into consideration, though, to be covered is oftentimes less expensive than remaining not insured. When you get sick and then you’re not protected, you will pay for all the fees straight from your wallet. As they say, you are only one sickness away from bankruptcy.

Private health insurance assists by paying out your health needs regardless of whether you have a health problem or a personal injury in need of immediate operation. This would mean you don’t need to expend your hard-earned money in order to obtain treatment.

Perhaps you may say that you are healthy and careful enough to get sick or injured. The catch is, as mentioned above, these things come unpredicted. One day you are healthy, the following day you might get sick. No matter how cautious you are in driving in the roads, other drivers may not be. This means you cannot say you are safe from health problems and accidents.

Now that you’ve learned the importance of getting health insurance. Here are some tips when choosing your health insurance in Australia.

Compare your options

You should learn to use all the available options to get the best possible deal. The coverage of the insurance company is the most important thing to know. This is especially true when you have certain ailments requiring care from specialists. You must make sure your health condition is well within their coverage.

You must also check out the list of their accredited healthcare facilities and professionals. This is important when you have a certain preference on the hospital and doctor that will provide the treatment. Compare also the terms and conditions.

Know more about the company

Any person or a group can declare they provide private health insurance. This is why you must make sure that your insurer is legitimate. Your local government authorities can provide you a list of qualified and accredited companies.

It is also wise to check out their websites. Read about the company and know how long they have been in the industry. If you have questions, you may contact them or send them an email. Some sites may allow you to post your questions. A reliable insurer is willing to answer your questions with all respect and honesty.

Take this as a chance to know the entitlements that come with the coverage. Ask also about how they will help you when medical emergencies arise.

Searching for an ideal health insurance in Australia is easy when you do it online. Just remember the few tips above so you can get the best value for your money and the best protection for your health.

Florida Health Insurance One Way To Save Lives

Republican senators filed a legal brief in a federal case in Florida to challenge the requirement for most people to have health insurance in Florida.

Republican Rep. John Boehner of Ohio has said, \”We think that Obamacare ruined the best healthcare in the country, we believe it will bankrupt our nation, we believe it needs to be repealed and replaced with commonsense reforms to bring down the cost of health insurance.\”

Of course, the cost of health insurance concerns most Americans, but is that the highest priority for most people in our country? Researchers have been plowing through hospital records across the nation to see what the disparity between the have and have nots, when it comes to health insurance, actually costs our people. What they found may surprise you.

Health Insurance In Florida Is Not A Luxury

From gun shot wounds to trauma injuries, from breast cancer to virtually all the reasons children were admitted to hospitals, people without health insurance die more frequently in hospitals than people with health insurance. It was predictable that if you couldn’t afford to go to the hospital, you were more likely to die when injured or sick. Did you expect unequal treatment inside hospitals, as well?

Numerous studies have suggested that people without health insurance may have died from poorer quality of hospital care. According to one of the researchers, Sarah M. Lyon, M.D., who is a pulmonary and critical care fellow at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, \”The higher mortality for uninsured patients does not appear to be caused by uninsured patients tending to go to hospitals with poor overall quality. Instead, we found that even when admitted to the same hospitals, and controlling for other differences between patients, critically ill individuals without insurance are less likely to survive than those with private or Medicaid insurance.\”

\”Less likely to survive\” is a relatively mild description of what has been happening in what some people believe is \”the wealthiest country in the world.\” Johns Hopkins researchers have estimated that some 17,000 children died in less than a couple of decades in U.S. hospitals – children who would have lived if only they had been covered by health insurance.

Florida Health Insurance And The Constitution

Some members of our Congress say they are fighting over the constitutionality of requiring most Americans to have insurance, whether they can afford to buy it or we all chip in to help fund it for those who can’t. The right to life was specifically addressed by the Declaration of the thirteen United States of America in one of the most famous statements in our history:

\”We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. – That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed\”

How can we reconcile the idea that governments are instituted among us to help us secure the right to life with the higher death rates of hospitalized, uninsured patients? Researchers have documented that uninsured critically ill patients may be less likely to receive certain critical care procedures, including acute hemodialysis, placement of central venous catheters and tracheostomies, than people protected by private insurance or Medicaid.

Expanding and standardizing the quality of healthcare that all citizens need through healthcare reform can save lives. Until our \”government\” raises the value placed on our lives, it’s up to you to protect yourself with health insurance in Florida.