The Affect A Dui Has On Your Auto Insurance

Okay so you were young and dumb and drank and drove home buzzed or stumbling down drunk instead of taking a cab and you got pulled over by the police. Now you are facing a possible DUI conviction that will affect every aspect of your life for a long time to come including your future auto insurance rates. Just how much does a DUI impact your auto insurance rates?

There is no good scenario regarding your insurances rates in the case of a DUI. Once you have a DUI on your DMV record that information will make its way to your insurance agent either when it’s time to renew your insurance or when they run a check on your record which they tend to do periodically for reasons just like this.

Once your agent finds your DUI conviction you will be deemed a high risk driver and your insurance company will either raise your current premium accordingly, as much as doubling or even tripling the premium in some cases, or they will cancel you completely.
Trying to find auto insurance when you have been canceled and you have a current DUI conviction that is on your DMV record is almost impossible and if you do find an agent to carry you, the rate will certainly be through the roof.

So what are your options? DUI laws and insurance coverage vary state by state but most states require a driver with a conviction to carry a SR-22 form that tells the DMV that you have liability insurance. This makes it pretty hard to hide a DUI conviction from the insurance company.

Only a handful of states don’t require a SR-22 including Delaware, Kentucky, New Mexico, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania. In theory a driver in one of these states may be able to hide a DUI conviction from their auto insurance agent for years, especially if there are no other traffic citations or DUI convictions. Before you use this tactic, however, keep in mind that once your \”old\” DUI is discovered, your insurance company can take action and cancel you or raise your rates despite the passage of time. As tempting as it may be to hope it never comes to light, the odds are not in your favor and if your deception is unearthed it may be even more difficult to find auto coverage with someone else.

Your mother was right about one thing–everything does hurt less after enough time has passed. If you are able to afford the higher insurance premiums and you maintain a perfect driving record forever after, your high premiums will begin to subside with the passage of time. It may take a few years but eventually the sting of that DUI conviction will begin to subside and you will be able to fall back into lower premiums and be reclassified out of the high risk driver category.

So now that you know how painful a DUI conviction can be after the fact, drive smart, and don’t drink and drive.

What Your Auto Body Shop And Insurance Company Don’t Tell You!

Minor accidents resulting in small fender-benders often cost more than your insurance deductible to have repaired at a traditional auto body shop. If the accident is your fault, then be prepared to pay the deductible.
Auto insurance companies contract with auto body shops for a pre-negotiated rate for repairs. Some practices include requiring low hourly labor rates or forcing the body shop to pay for a rental car if they do not complete repairs timely. These practices often tempt the auto body shop to cut corners, using lower quality materials or neglecting to complete certain steps required for proper repair.
When will the repair work be completed? Quite often, not when promised. Auto body shops like to blame this on a delay in parts delivery when the truth is they took on more business than they could handle. Check out the shop you are using to see if there have been multiple complaints about repairs being completed on time.
Car rentals can be costly make sure your insurance company covers the type of rental car you need while yours in the shop. Your policy might limit you reimbursement on a small car when you need a minivan.
Some insurance companies prefer auto body shops that use generic or salvage replacement parts to save money. This is fine for some repairs, but original-equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are always designed to match perfectly and in some cases may be safer. If you are in an accident and you are determined to be at fault then there could be wording in your insurance policy that requires you to use lower quality parts or pay the difference for OEM replacement parts. If you are not at fault, be sure to tell the shop to use only OEM parts.
Many foreign made cars require special equipment and a high degree of precision to perform repairs properly. If you drive a foreign car make sure the shop you choose is certified by the manufacturer to do the work. Your insurance company will not be likely to recommend these shops because they charge higher rates however, they should be willing to pay to repair your vehicle to its original condition.
Does your insurance company provide a parts and service warranty? If so, its useless! The auto body shops guarantee is the one that is important to you most body shops guarantee their work and the parts manufacturers guarantee the parts.
Insurance companies have negotiated so many discounts with auto body shops that in order for the shop to stay in business they do lower quality repair work. Check with the Better Business Bureau, Vehicle Information Services or other agencies that monitor the quality of work done by auto body shops to be sure you are getting good service.
Joaquin Hernandez owns Collision on Wheels, a mobile auto body shop in the Los Angeles area. He comes to you at your home or workplace to provide auto scratch and dent repair, auto painting, and collision repair. Work is done in one day or less and the charge is often less than your insurance deductible. Visit to learn more.

Instant Auto Insurance Quotes Just One Benefit Offered By Online Insurers

Every day there is a chance that your vehicle will be stolen, or damaged in an accident, so finding an affordable policy is important. And with instant auto insurance quotes available online the time taken to do so is cut dramatically too.

It is common knowledge that the Internet harbors the best deals in practically every sector. This is chiefly a result of the competitiveness that the Internet encourages, a fact that explains why it is possible to get free online quotes so readily, and why a quote can be delivered practically immediately upon request.

The fact is that, with auto insurance a necessity by law, the need to find the best possible deal is acute. And as far as consumers are concerned, there is little point in wasting time waiting for insurers to get back. But fast approval is just one of the advantages that come with turning to online insurers.

Speed the Key Advantage

It might seem insignificant that instant auto insurance quotes are on offer at all. To some, it is little more than a gimmick designed to draw in more consumers, but there is more to it than that. With the ability to provide quotes in next to no time, the hassle is cut out completely.

This speed in service is provided through an automatic application process, which involves little more than filling out an online form and clicking the submit button. These applications can be reviewed electronically courtesy of pre-selected criteria, so that within a minute, a free online quote can be delivered to the application.

Of course, as with all insurers, those operating online are legally required to properly inform the consumer. So, all of the relevant details, conditions and charges should be clear to see before selecting an online auto insurance firm to apply to.

Using Comparison Websites

While online insurers do offer application processes that are lightning fast, the part of the application process that usually eats up time is finding the right insurer in the first place. Theoretically, searching online is easy, but with potentially hundreds of insurance firms to search through before requesting an instant auto insurance quote, it can still take time.

But the arrival of comparison websites has changed all of that, with the time taken reduced to the absolute minimum. Now, all that is required is to detail the preferences online and the best 10 or 20 insurance policies will be listed. From this list, a shortlist of 4 or 5 can be chosen and a request for a free online quote sent.

However, it is still a good idea to check out the small print in any policies before finally deciding on the best 5 insurers. This is an area where shortcuts should not be taken, otherwise the auto insurance policy secured may not turn out to be all that it first seemed.

Other Important Factors

What should be remembered is that online insurance companies offering instant auto insurance quotes are in a highly competitive niche market. The fact that consumers expect great deals on the Internet means they cannot fail to deliver. So, greater promotions and lower premiums are offered to keep them high on the page rankings, or amongst the top few on a comparison site.

So, while a free online quote seems like something to celebrate, it is par for the course amongst serious insurance firms. The areas of particular interest should be the premium and the discounts that are offered. This is where your homework can pay off, and help to secure auto insurance that provides the maximum cover at the minimum expense.

Deciphering Auto Insurance Lingo

Insurance is absolutely necessary in order to protect you and others in the event of an automobile accident. If you do not have this protection, you could face legal action, including lawsuits for damages sustained during the accident if it was your fault.

If the accident is not your fault, you will still have to deal with issues like your medical bills, passenger medical bills, as well as vehicle replacement. These factors should make the matter clear that auto insurance is a necessity.  This aspect of things may be why the majority of states requires some minimum level of auto insurance coverage for their motorists.

If you want to know about auto insurance lingo, there are five essential terms that are important to understand when discussing coverage. These terms include liability coverage, physical damage coverage, medical coverage, emergency assistance coverage, and unattached equipment coverage.

While it is possible that a few of these terms may be familiar to you, there are at least a couple that are less likely to be so. The terms liability coverage, physical damage coverage, and medical coverage are often mentioned when discussing different aspect of auto insurance or the policy coverage. With features like emergency assistance coverage and unattached vehicle coverage, you are not as likely to see them in insurance policies. This is because the latter terms are considered less important or necessary as a part of a sound auto insurance plan. Of course, less important does not mean irrelevant. These last two terms represent great additions to your current auto insurance coverage.

Probably the most common piece of auto insurance lingo is liability coverage. This term describes the aspect of your policy that protects you from damages that may have been caused by you in an accident. To make liability coverage effective, you will need to make sure you have enough of it to coverage most levels of possible damage that might be sustained in an accident. With medical coverage, on the other hand, you have form of protection that will be used to cover the cost of medical care for you personally and any passengers. To pay for repairs or replacement of your vehicle, you will need physical damage coverage.

Emergency assistance coverage is a form of roadside assistance. If it is included in your insurance plan, you will have access to towing services in youre you have vehicle troubles and you are left stranded. The final term, unattached equipment coverage, is type of coverage that protects equipment that is not permanently attached to your vehicle. This could mean a satellite radio system or lighting modifications. The type of equipment eligible for this coverage may vary from policy to policy.

If you are interested in cutting down the confusion that comes up when using such specific terminology, you should learn more about each auto insurance terms. By not understanding what they mean, you are left in the dark when about the quality of your auto insurance coverage or how it works. If you do have this information, you will be better equipped to evaluate its effectiveness for your needs.

Auto Insurance Quotes Three Secrets To Finding The Best Deals

Protecting your car is all about finding the best insurance policy. But finding the most affordable and beneficial is about finding the best auto insurance quotes. Rather than searching for hours and hours, there are certain secrets to recognizing the best available. Knowing what specific details to look for is hugely important.

These secrets are not particularly well hidden, making it simple to improve your chances of getting superior insurance for your automobile. A major help to this task, of course, is the range of comparison sites on the Internet, and with them, the fast access to the most competitive rates and prices.

But do not make the mistake of believing the only auto insurance worth securing has low premiums. There are other issues to consider, not least the quality of cover that an insurance policy provides. So, it is essential to know which aspects should be looked out for.

Recognize Which Deal Are Good

Finding the best auto insurance quotes can be a testing experience, since there can be some complicated elements to a policy. The task is made a lot easier when those online comparison sites are consulted. But, do not think that the quote at the top of the site shortlist is the best one. Your circumstances are a key contributing factor too.

Typically, there are some facts that decide exactly how good a policy is. For example, living in a city means there is a greater risk of theft or damage, while the rate of use of the automobile can dictate how often the automobile is used. The trick to getting superior insurance is checking the specific conditions to situations that match your own.

It is also worth learning the attitude towards minor claims, with some insurance companies applying high premiums after any claim is made – even if it is only due to a small dent. Auto insurance should not punish the policyholder when such minute claims are made.

Know Your Own Position

It is important to know your own position when seeking auto insurance quotes. However, in this case, it is not the financial position but the accuracy of the information that is provided. This is because insurance companies are particularly insistent on honesty.

When it comes to filling out the online form understand how important accuracy is. But that is not to say your options are few. Stating the true age of your vehicle, and your correct address are essential, but getting superior insurance can be achieved by naming a woman driver as the principal driver. This is because women drivers get greater discounts.

This is where it is possible to make savings, and access the true benefits of the auto insurance deal. Still, be sure not to lie in your application, since this is also considered a criminal offense. And when it comes to making a claim, the insurance company is entitled to reject it.

Choose the Insurer Carefully

It is tempting to seek a new insurance company when looking for a better deal, but in fact, it can often be better to stick to your current one. The fact is that, since the company already knows your reputation and background, it is easier to get a good auto insurance quote. Negotiations can result in savings of as much as $200 per year, depending on the terms.

Of course, there needs to be a good relationship between applicant and insurance company for this to be the case. So, it is often necessary to change company if there is to be any chance of getting superior insurance with better discounts and lower premiums.

Still, on the internet, comparing the offers available will hopefully lead to the very best auto insurance deal out there.