Construction Related Workers Compensation Claims

It may not be common knowledge to the average person but the Illinois building and construction industry has one of the highest injury rates among workers. And according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) lack of employer training, work conditions and improper knowledge or use of safety equipment often can lead to death or serious injury. This lack of training often permits injuries to occur on even simple things like moving large ladders, scaffolds, heavy equipment, and dangerous chemicals because proper “basics” were not applied to prevent back, neck, shoulder injury and even not using the proper tools for the job. Ergo, construction safety programs and inspections of equipment on a regular basis can help raise safety awareness on construction sites. The Illinois workers compensation laws are available to view here.

Making sure you get what you deserve for Workers Compensation

All states, in one form or another, requires employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance via an insurance company to insure payment for lost wages and medical bills resulting from an on-the-job injury without having to prove said injuries occurred due to employer negligence. However securing proper compensation is another story to be told. Some employers have been known to challenge a workers’ claim. About this time confusion and frustration reigns with the injured party. That said this is no time to consider “going-it-alone” and hope for the best. There are professional legal workers’ compensation lawyer’s available to provide advice and direction to make sure the responsible employer provides proper compensation they are entitled to. Selecting a lawyer specializing in Illinois workers’ compensation is the best thing.

Liable parties can include, but not be limited to, owners, contractors, construction managers and engineering professionals. Also both general and subcontractors are obligated to provide a safe and hazard-free working environment per OSHA requirements and regulations. The manufactures of construction equipment being used on the job may also be liable for injuries occurred.